Minutes†††† Pear Association Inc†††† Annual Meeting†††† December 11, 2017


†† President, Gary Salzman called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.The pledge of allegiance to the American flag opened the meeting.Present for todayís meeting were, President, Gary Salzman; Vice President/Treasurer, Robert Putman; Secretary, George Wolf; Directors, Hal Urban and Gene Bouley; Members Peg Urban and Jean Morse.Also present were Parks and Trails employees Ron Musgrave and Justin Pouliot.

†† The minutes of the November 20, 2017 quarterly meeting were approved on motion by Jean Morse and seconded by Hal Urban.

†† The treasurerís report was presented showing a year end balance of $ 4,020.17.Asked if the money received at todayís meeting for memberships, etc. was included in this yearís totals, Bob advised that these receipts are to be credited to the year 2018.George motioned to approve the treasurerís report and Gary seconded.Motion carried.

†† Justin reported for Parks and Trails.An act of vandalism resulted in one of the benches along the river trail being pushed into the river.This has been removed and reset in a firmer spot.Various areas have received plantings by our county personnel.The plans for paving of the road entering the park and around the administration building will call for a line of community garden plots to be vacated.The will involve 6 plots.Gary is in contact with the gardeners who work these plots.

†† Bob had a letter received with a special donation to the Association in honor of Gene and Terry Bouley for their dedication to the natural beauty and educational program of PEAR Park.

†† George reported our membership at years end totals 108.

†† Justin reports that additional irrigation is to be added to the grape area.Watering of the new plantings continues.

†† Parks and Trails continues the care and maintenance of the meadows and wildflower section with new species added.

†† Gene Bouley held an Open House of the Nature Center this past weekend.He had only one visitor.An effort to obtain additional promotion in the news media in the coming year will be made.Gene reports that additions have been made to the Center and identifying labels added to numerous items.

†† Gene Bouley called attention to the clearing of riverfront land by Arlington Ridge.This leaves the area totally exposed and may be a violation of St. John River Management regulation.

†† Hal reports mowing is done for the season.He reports that the experimental field now has 250 trees and plants.

†† Bob is no longer keeping a census of the Bluebird Trail activity.He has made available the records he established in the past, and donated a guidebook to the county.County personnel, hopefully, will continue this record keeping endeavor.

†† Gary reports the Community Gardens now total 70.The road paving and parking plans will require a section 15 ft x 90 ft to be taken from the Gardens area.A kiosk will be repositioned, and other changes made in this process.

†† Heritage Grove is waiting for one brick to be engraved by Southern Monument Co

†† Peg Urban reports the volunteer group on Tuesday mornings continues to weed and prune.

†† Peg also reports the Demonstration Garden is a healthy area with new species added.Peg presented a framed picture of an owl she took at the Garden.It is to be placed in the Nature Center.

†† Historian, Bob Putman reports he has additional materials to place in the archives.


OLD Business

†† Gene Bouley reports the Highlanders area adjacent to the Heritage Grove is being maintained.Mulch has been added and weeding accomplished.


NEW Business

†† Our Annual Plant Sale is set for Saturday, April 14, 2018.An increased effort to publicize this event will be made.

†† We have two Directors whose terms are complete the end of 2017.Gene Bouley has agreed to serve another 3-year term. Bob Putman is asking to step down.Following discussion Bob agreed to serve until a replacement is found.Jean Morse motioned to approve these two actions.Hal seconded, and the motion carried.

†† The 2018 Budget was reviewed.Some adjustments have been made since the review at our meeting in November.The 2018 budget again is a deficit budget.We anticipate expenses of $4865 against income of $3950, which is a deficit of $915.Motion to approve the budget was made by Jean Morse and seconded by Hal Urban.Motion carried unanimously.

†† President, Gary Salzman deferred setting the calendar of meetings for 2018.This will be covered at our next meeting on March 19, 2018.

†† Gene Bouley responded to the call for adjournment motioning to adjourn.Hal seconded this motion.The meeting was adjourned at 2:57 pm.


Reorganization Meeting


†† Gary Salzman called to order the Reorganization Meeting of Pear Association Inc. at 2:59 pm.Officers for the coming year as approved by the directors are:

President, Gary Salzman†††††††† Vice-President, Gene Bouley††††††††††††† Treasurer, Robert Putman††††† ††††††††††† Secretary, George Wolf††††††††† Director at Large, Hal Urban

†† Gary appointed all committee chair persons to continue in their positions for the coming year.

Hal motioned for adjournment and Gene seconded.The meeting was adjourned at 3:02 pm.


Respectfully submitted,††††††††††††††††††††† George Wolf†††††††††††††† Secretary


These minutes were approved at the March 19, 2018 meeting.