Please print and fill out this form , sign, and mail it to Gary Salzman, .4226 Leafway Circle
Leesburg, FL 34748 with check for $15.00. You will then be contacted by phone and a meeting set up to show you the assigned plot and receive the finalized agreement.
I (name)__________________________________agree to the following:
I will pay $20.00 to help cover general gardening expense for the first year, and thereafter I will pay $15.00 each year due in January to hold my space in succeeding years. If I anticipate a change, I will notify a PEAR Garden’s Coordinator at 323-6138 (Gary).
I will keep my plot weeded or covered in my absence out of respect for my neighbors.
If my plot becomes unkempt, I will be given 7 days after notification by phone or e-mail, using the numbers given below, to clean it up. If I do not clean it up, I will forfeit my right to use this plot and any future plot use as well, and my plot can be reassigned to someone else.
I will keep my plot clean of refuse, bagging the refuse and taking it with me. I will see that water hoses I use are recoiled by the faucet, unless I am furnishing one I will use organic, less toxic pest control methods first before using more aggressive methods; and when using more aggressive methods I will use a hand operated sprayer.
Use of timers on permanently connected hoses is not permitted. Connecting hoses to sprinklers manually, observing and managing their use is permitted. Watering should be done before 10 a.m.. and after 4 p.m. and should not take place on Thursdays or Sundays, as the line serves restoration plantings on those two days.
While planting common vegetables without regard to whether they are native to Florida or not is fine, planting exotic and invasive plants from the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s List of invasive species is not permitted. Questions about particular plants will be referred to the County Park’s Naturalist for a ruling on their use, and that ruling is final. Any bushy plants in my plot should be trimmed to a reasonable height (5-6’) to prevent shading neighboring plots. I will not grow any illegal crops of any kind.
Putting up low fencing around a plot to control rabbits is permitted. I will not, however, bring pets into the garden area. If I bring children, I understand that I am responsible for their actions and will supervise them. I will not smoke in the garden area, nor bring in or use alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. And, I will make sure that cell phones, beepers, and radios are regulated or kept from irritating other gardeners.
I know that failure to adhere to these rules will result in my immediate dismissal from this garden and the use of my plot. I also agree not to hold Lake County and its employees and officials or the PEAR Association and its members liable for any damage, loss, or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the PEAR Community Gardens by me or any of my guest

















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