-----------------XERISCAPE GARDEN - Jean Morse

We have created and maintained a Xeriscape Garden containing a variety of native Florida plants for community education and enjoyment.

We have maintained the garden for accessibility to visitors so they can walk through and easily identify the plants. This has been accomplished by placing a number of permanent identification metal signs by the plants. We will continue to add to these signs during 2009.

Xeriscaping means careful and creative use of selected plants whose hardy and drought-tolerant characteristics help reduce landscape irrigation waste and cost. It is landscaping that protects the environment and conserves water.

Xeric plants offer a wide range of foliage, density, color and texture. You can enjoy lush and coloful plants that show off their blooms spring, summer, and fall. By using these plants, you can create a true Florida-style landscape, with reduced maintenance. Many non-native or "exotic" plants that you buy require more water and attention than native plant species need. They are also much more susceptible to changes in temperature and more prone to disease. Using plants native to our region is a wise decision for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their yard, attract native birds and butterflies, and cut down on water consumption. With Xeriscaping, you can have both a beautiful and water-wise garden.

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